I'm Always Looking Your Way

June 2014

Why is it that all this time hasn't done what it's supposed to do?

i still feel the same and long to be close to you,

still get goosebumps just looking towards the raceway,

cause in that sense i'm always looking your way,



other guys can catch your heart,

other girls can play the part,

but it's you girl who i still go crazy over,

it's still you who eventually leads me to sober,


give me the fire needed to light our ignition,

give me the ink needed to sign our petition,

it's still you i'm missin and wishin the best for,

what's the question for? i still love you that much more,


so what could be in store for a man who already found her?

can i still give her goosebumps? can i still astound her?

when i was round her the missing pieces were located,

and since she snuck out, my life has stopped rotating.


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