How Can The Dream Really Be Over?

May 2014

Lost my map, lost my way, lost my treasure,

will i see you again? if ever,

in your eyes i was willing to go a length you couldn't measure,

so you thought you'd be better off if you chose to sever,


we were too close to love to not be,

heart beat to heart beat, body to body,

now it's hidden and unspoken, my love illuminati,

loud and overplayed by the disc jockey, same message...she still got me,


which will last longer? memories or my mind?

when i choose to rewind, on the present i go blind,

hard to find the silver line while constantly looking behind,

a little bit closer, now far away, is it all a design?


a design that mankind always has those few

who truly feel and shyly preach i love you,

how can the dream really be over when i still see you

in all the dreams that still feel real when they're through?

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