That Was It

May 2014

I wonder if i'll wake up and it'll all be alright,

my heart's tattooed by her smile under the moonlight,

the pain is still taking cover behind the brake lights

of a station wagon that just struck a man with stage fright,


who only said "good night", and that was it,

but before closing his eyes he silently could admit,

that while he was whistling, then bracing for the hit,

it wasn't his life he saw but her, and that was it,


cause it all comes down to love, that's why we live,

instead of her outgrowing me i'd rather she outlived,

and there's no need to forgive when i always relive

our last few weeks in this lonely abyss,


i wonder if i'll just wake up and it will all be alright,

with the power to recite and rewrite until it sounds alright,

i'm surprised the way to moving on from her hasn't been in sight,

i'm constantly afraid of sleeping when i keep dreaming of her each night.

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