Please Remember Me

May 2014

Pouring rain holing in sky views wind,

thoughts sending warmth through my skin,

just to stop and stare, swear i see her over there,

gotta take a breather every now and then,


sneaking out making sure no foot steps creak,

she was never the type to speak,

we had so much going on, on her side it's long gone,

do you still remember me?


I still have that TGIFridays napkin in my drawer,

always smile holding it like we did before,

look up at the sky and wonder how much longer time

could wake me up from my dream to a reality i abhor,


i still see you blush and smile about those silly things,

i always said i would but could never scream,

she's still keeping me up late reliving a few dates,

until i'm all over exhausted enough to see her in my sleep.

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