Remember We Were In Love

May 2014

Yup i'm here again, without much effort,

staying or stuck here again, probably be right where you left it,

day dreaming is a flight en route to no where,

where dreaming is the master plan, so go there,


still swear on all of existence,

with whatever god as my witness,

i still feel like there's unfinished business,

enough burning of bridges, we must have some limits,


the silence is here again, not sure where i'm headed,

our memories are here again, still leaving me breathless,

the next time you see anywhere we were, remember we were in love,

maybe that will be enough,


to convince you we can make it,

throw whatever long shot at me, i can take it,

there's a reason i'm here again, silent reflection,

i'll make sure i'm never here again, a new direction.

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