Instead Of Not Knowing

May 2014

Somewhere along the line i misheard together through life,

until she physically tore my heart out with an old rusty knife,

gonna be a while still til it feels alright,

slowly hear the beat increase deep down inside,


got to this point in time where all i know

is the answer to a try is always no,

i know i'm lost, i'm hurting; i know,

love her so much still it hurts; i know


that the scratch of a pen will make it feel alright,

just another way of keeping you inside,

i'm holding onto nothing still, i know,

try telling that to the crew down below,


i'm stationary in a constantly moving world; i know,

i always keep out memories somewhere close in tow,

love her so much still that it hurts,

all i wish is i was able to keep you around like some old shirts.

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