Come Closer

May 2014

I remember sitting in the gymnasium audience,

watching her dancing in tune building up suspense,

waited a long time to feel this fine,

trace my dotted line, come closer to me and be mine.


Just one night in my room, no asking why,

no thoughts running through my head, she wasnt' shy,

from some stranger just passing by to the love of my life,

please come closer, my heart needs to lose this knife.


So hard to now believe, need to quickly slap these

cheeks on my face, couldn't grieve cause i was so happy,

come closer to me, tired of sky high seeing the lights

of a raceway closeby to you, come closer tonight.


Now whiskey nights are spent much less friskey,

alright, still waiting for another stranger to pass by,

in my dreams i wake up and still feel you there with me,

just come closer to me, don't be predictable and ask why.

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