Who's To Say We'd Ever Even Tell One Another?

May 2014

I swear it seemed that your eyes glowed at first,

just to daily tear that memory out of worst,

stuck daydreaming and i'm fine this way,

still listening to the same song on repeat since the last day,


if we missed the drop and i was the lonely

one holding on for the long dip guess i'm the only

one who will always remember that one night in my room,

when you kept ignoring your phone to your moms doom,


or maybe i'm the one and only who will ever be,

but it took silence and sirens to make it some never be,

whether we do well up ahead or both miss one another,

who's to say we'd ever even tell one another?


why bother? cause other then living in this crazy world,

you're the only one i've loved as a crazy girl,

sure maybe your trip away slipped away with the little feelings we had,

but that doesn't mean i'd wished to now be so damn sad.

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