I Know Why You're Not Celebrating

May 2014

Lately times fading, no more teachers left grading,

no more braiding in the parks, could be someone invading

the aching country too small to fight back, facing breaking

and disappearing into the ocean of history, earth quaking,


my worth is shaking, always find a way to be celebrating,

call me Gatsby staring off into the distance waiting,

green light through the fog, water freezes so we're skating,

our worth is growing so our egos are inflating,


when really just creating a happy future is all you need,

no need to bleed and allow the blood suckers to feed,

why reason or plead when you're stepped on like centipedes,

all it takes is her words or memories to decrease my escape speed,


then my heart beat proceeds to speed up the drivers on the highway,

cars stampede at over eighty texting without a care on the black clay,

painful ballet thinking just cause it hasn't yet betrayed,

that you'll be safe and text-driving, just childs play.

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