My Sky Of Bright Stars

May 2014

No more cloudy nights with you in mind,

no more rowdy fights, i'd rather rewind,

i don't care if it's behind, can't help but look back,

cause i swore i saw you, cloudy fact,


brighter then any star up top tonight,

yet i can't find a way out of this darkness tonight,

i don't care if you tear me apart, locked behind bars,

it's you who will always have my heart, my sky of bright stars,


rain running down the skies to my hair,

drenched in the wind with not one care,

close my eyes and share the chords til you hear,

go on and tear me apart, not that which i fear,


it's of seeing you, clouds begin to roll in,

thunder off in the distance, the rains begin,

the sky of bright stars whose arms one felt right,

are no longer in visible sight tonight.

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