You're 32 Girls In One

April 2014

Almost a year later, still it's here til i'm numb,

it's dumb that i feel like you're 32 girls in one,

all i need is someone who will love me and stay true,

yet all i can think of was how fun it was to be good to you,


guess we made it just for a Summer,

a trip abroad ran over my body like it was a stocky hummer,

heart beat like a drummer and i enjoyed every second,

so much love for you that i chose to never mention,


strap on a pair of painful heels and some tight clothes,

just to go out and find her love, who knows?

maybe that's the thought that knocks me to the ground,

you're still looking while i feel it's been found,


still you're 32 girls in one and someone should tell you,

love is not there to hold you back, it's there to help you,

so if i never told you and you go out of style,

it was the best thing i've ever done to daily make you smile.

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