Whistling In The Wind

April 2014

Will you hear me whistling in the wind?

will it make you wish you told me where and when?

will you hear me when the winds slow,

or will you simply hear and pretend you don't know?


will you remember me as a good choice?

or just a guy who never had a voice?

will you remember me as a silly thing,

or as a once-every-Summer fling?


do you think about me now and then?

or is it only i who thinks and can't let it end?

will you see me down the street, trip over your feet just to greet,

or just pretend you never saw me and act discreet?


would you listen to a song i made?

or read a book i managed to make in this shade?

will you remember me as the one you missed out on?

or as the one who wouldn't leave til you shout go on?

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