Get On Your Way

April 2014

Was getting along until dreams turned south,

get on your way, nothing more comes from my mouth

for you or who you used to be to me, still unreal,

all the amazing things you made me feel,


still can't leave til i see that we have moved on,

like a few chords thrown together beautifully, groove along,

the same old song during shuffle, not my choice,

"say something or at least fight", not my voice,


get on your way, cause i need to love i,

need to find a reason deep down to smile without why,

"i just really wanna hear you play" is what they say,

yet i only play for the girl who will be there the next day,


not one on her sex way en route to another night,

we were going so perfectly til that one Summer night,

get on your way so we can have some type of tomorrow

worth being proud of, just another reason to fight sorrow.

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