I'll Be The Love That Lasts Forever

April 2014

Don't freeze me in mental memories,

and stop turning into daily mental enemies,

can't picture you perfect or even produce hate,

cause physically i don't but emotionally you don't look so great,


you won't find emotion like mine, strike a pose

and understand my love for you is like a fake rose,

may look real but it'll never,

yet i'll be the rose that lasts forever,


why be more clever when i'd rather choose,

which ever path leads me back to you,

yet i do the silent part better, why change?

can't picture me perfect either, try strange,


cause i'm still in love with a shadow dancer,

close enough to my chest to be called a heart cancer,

maybe the chance for fighting passed long ago,

that doesn't change the love, it's never on low.

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