Through Lazy I Lost

April 2014

I'd like to say you'd still got a friend in me,

almost as much as i'd like to say i've no memory enemies,

the road was never rough until i gave up,

it took me all this time to see it was i who gave us


a quick reason to end, i let it,

i tried to forget, laziness led to me regrettin it,

now trying to set it in stone or words with glue,

i build on my memories, and you are that glue,


you've always got time to swing by, by memory,

you should understand you've got more then a friend in me,

a friendly flea with a funny witty response to just hey,

until i became a horse getting so addicted to just heyy,


couldn't behave, no one could make a mistake with lazy,

crazy, through lazy i lost the one i'd ever call baby,

maybe lately i'm achy cause i lost by getting shaky,

my nerves took over, i remember that much vaguely.

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