My Heart's On You Baby

April 2014

When all eyes leave the stage what can you do,

but lonely let loose a few chords of the blues,

only ask for two that never appear,

been over a year and still i'm stuck right here,


just melodies and memories, that's all it takes

for me to close my eyes and unlive all mistakes,

in the sea full of fakes pulling out all the tricks,

i'm not some dick just looking for a quick fix,


categorized hicks with chicks as accessories,

once the chick gets pricked no stressin these

hearts upon hearts shattered without care,

there's one for every human living everywhere,


only birds have been the eyes on the stage now,

cause open mics don't fit my age now,

i still got my eyes on you baby,

no matter how i try not to, my heart's on you baby.

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