Her & I Were Never This Complicated

March 2014

After the marathon watching Netflix still i'm pissed,

that she either walked away or i gave our end its assist,

how can i now resist? i must enlist in something safe,

remain in a place that may or may not exist with her waste,


writing a long list of lies cause i really still feel the bumps,

inside my stomach and on the edge of my skin until it jumps,

up to my noggin and robs me of anything great,

so i stand in front of the tidal wave alone for fate,


when dreams no longer do justice to the beauty i've seen,

i must adjust the screen until she's fully off scene,

either be violently silent or mean, not sure how to say

that her and i were never complicated before this day,


so why add more stress in the push and pull maze?

why not stay somewhere you're wanted and the many ways

you could make me smile, forget it i'm just agitated,

or frustrated cause her and i were never this complicated.

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