So Silent & Violent

March 2014

Afraid to write so i ignite and try,

to produce a smile from my mind looking up to the sky,

what else did i expect from staring at a sunset?

who else looks as perfect as this multi colored sunset?


yet i'm left upset on a step i can't move from,

everyone has their own advice, so much to choose from,

do i jump back and retrace my forward motion?

or do i continue the slow climb to killing devotion?


my mind is an ocean with some calm and most violent,

sharks swimming towards violet, bears racing towards tents

full of kids and adults too tired to be aware,

that at a very close distance incomes a fatal scare,


truth or dare? not fair she's silent,

does she expect a clean cut and not some violent

tear of the care and bridge of emotions between us,

bring on the tsunami, that's sure to clean us.

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