Didn't Have To Cut Me Off

March 2014

She left me to my own vices cause she could see,

that a future couldn't be with she and me,

only those believe cause they put in the time,

still those few believers can't amount to a dime,


it's all in the rhymes and i wish to use,

this written technique that i abuse,

so i can't lose cause i heard from some

one that you can't hurt when you're numb,


haven't quite found that mental state,

just one second and i pump the brakes,

must there be so much at stake, can't i feel

that we had our fling thing now it's a past deal?


it was just as real and under or sober,

i won't be able to fully get over

the memories that my heart decides to hold

onto, the type that you replay until you're old and bold.

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