She Takes Credit For That

March 2014

So what the warm air uncovers snow drifts,

still i'll be soakin wet asking "what is this?"

my recent wish is one that must become a fact,

sure my heart was broken and she takes credit for that,


but the memories that attack need to quit out of respect,

i've made enough bad decisions to feel the effects,

still you are a level above any other my heart beats for,

enough of a woman for me to write a sheet or


more then enough to feel the effect of love,

that's left covered in snow in late March, while doves

are replaced by Squirrells looking for their nuts covered,

under layers of ice and dirt left ong ago smothered,


silent advice from my brother by the life he leads,

do i give the same vibe to him by my good deeds?

made a lot of bad decisions and i feel the effect

of realizing i was the reason we left it at that.

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