To Drown Out The Voices Keeping Me Up

March 2014

If you notice one day after waking from some dream,

that things aren't what they seem,

that makes two and it's too silent to scream,

too violent to try it and too giant to dream,


i'm sure this pain will drain away soon,

thought we had such a strong love, you swooned,

no idea what i've been through, from knives to harpoons,

from a baboon to a raccoon, from you to June to monsoon,


i can't rest peacefully with this feeling,

close my eyes or open them up to my ceiling,

it's you who has been stealing and peeling

out into the distance not caring if i'd be healing,


that's sealing the deal, i loved the old you,

it might be killing me to know i won't be the one to hold you,

my mind must become a bigot, like a bred kitten i sold you,

cause i labeled a love for someone as nonexistent as the old you.

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