I Should Have Left With You

March 2014

Some say if you don't know then you'll never go,

and if you never try or ask why, then why even show?

my days are up, nights are done, mind is overdue,

it's true that i should have made my move on you,


should have left with you, never send

any of those texts, instead i left with your friend,

i should have, could have but chose not to,

now i'm going crazy knowing i should have left with you,


drinking lazy and sinking, crazy that i still feel

the same i did almost three years ago, unrreal,

when did she steal away and why didn't i send

her a text telling her to fuck off, just let it end,


if i knew then what i should have always known,

maybe i'd have chose you and we'd be grown

enough to say we grew together, never better,

i should have left with you, instead of the trend setter.

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