Anywhere I Would've Followed You

February 2014

I built a world around the possibility,

now i roam alone in it and it's killin me,

no point in crying out somebody help,

no one can hear me and i don't want to love nobody else,


could care less if this lonely kills me,

i'll pump the blood to my memories that thrill me,

losing track of just being a friend and loving myself,

cause i don't want to love anybody else,


as great as you were, and hear me, it was amazing,

the next one that finds me could be crazing,

say something i'm finally giving up on a thought,

are you going to let me venture out to be caught?


had so many hopes that by silence i was doing it right,

now and yesterday and all the days before and nights

i'm realizing the urge to go out and fight for you

was there all along, say something... i'm throwing the towel in on you.

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