I Hope You Find Your Dreams

February 2014

My mouth is a capped tooth, sealed shut,

choose to be remembered like King Tut,

or some neighborly what? an expletive that rhymes,

more sincere to say without paying the toddler crimes,


hiding in your nonsense life, what's worth losing?

i'm cowering behind the biggest chair i can find proving

that while you and i choose to do the same,

we do it different ways, but still i'm with the game,


throw out the bait, catch a bite or not,

if so throw it back out to slowly die, or not,

who could ever settle chasing down their devils?

i will never settle until we're all on the same level,


i hope you find your dreams, i truly mean it,

what you did with such a dirty mind, clean it,

now i find that you are the light bulb forever in me,

i'm the one keeping it alive, i'm the current; i'm the electricity.

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