The Big & The Small

February 2014

My wallet's full of bills that don't amount to thrills,

even when i save it still i fuckin crave that which gives me chills,

so what of the hills that we encountered along the way,

throughout each day all the best for you i'd pray,


if praying was an act i chose, still chasin the devil,

let me take some time to propose another level,

not asking her to settle, no need to scream,

i hope you find, i hope you find your dreams,


i don't owe you one thing, it's unfair but normal,

jumpin through the portals in my head to write in some journal,

still don't choose the formal way to do anything, no way,

i'd rather say my fill and live till another day,


pocket full of nonsense and instincts for trouble,

on the double i'll try to keep subtle,

i'll climb out of the rubble and still want to scream,

chasing all my time hoping you find your dreams.

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