I Couldn't Get To You

February 2014

Won't you say something or will you live up to

the girl i knew you to, giving up on you,

shame on who? me for trying or crying?

or you for flying then whying trying?


next we were dying quietly but i hoped,

we could get right back into it, just smoked,

to get past the fact that i still can't get through,

sorry that this wall was constructed between me and you,


still won't say much, although you clear the air,

what a scare for me to think that she could actually care,

spare me the pity, say nothing i'm giving up on you,

long overdue and hopefully not just words that i spew,


next who knows, isn't the sky our limit?

pack up the clown car full of dreams, it'll fit it,

not some gimmick to say good riddance to,

feeling so small during the fall, i'm giving up on you.

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