The Quietest Ending

February 2014

I wonder if my mind runs laps around you with ease,

cause you too think so much of me,

just too hard to believe that with ease you could leave,

must you pull another trick from your sleeve?


where does that leave me? believe me, i wish

i could switch up the fact that i still have an empty dish,

when that one Summer fling or thing or whatever,

you refused to accept never and ran away from an ever,


why sever the tie and expect me to suit up,

to be some nice guy and still have a root just

to boot up the juices that turn the wheel,

memories on memories that can never not feel


just that much too real, too long after

the chapter of our fling and climax of our disaster,

the quietest laughter for the quietest ending,

the loudest heart beat to just texts we're now sending.

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