This Dancer

February 2014

Hello again friend, hard to forget back then,

then again friend can't be spelled without end,

the texts that we send always leave me wanting answers,

until then i'll be the dreamer for this dancer,


keeping perfect timing and sensible rhyming,

my muscles react on their own memory to her timing,

we know that Summer thrill is lone gone, enough,

but it makes it harder to admit i've never been more in love,


i remember nights spent with you cashing in on my worth,

now i only have nights where i crash down to earth,

still wanting a search, a reason, an explanation, some kind of action,

i have stayed dormant for too long, so scared of some faction,


goodbye then friend, it's only me now,

until next time, again... i'll tell her then somehow,

i've been looking for the answer and reason for us,

cause the love i feel for this dancer still is far too much.

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