More Golden Then Her Medal

February 2014

I wish i had at least cheated during your off seaosn,

none of this explanation nonsense, it'd be a reason,

done with teasin, never a guarantee we'll make it, why

worry about such uncontrollables when we could at least try?


As afraid as she was to, i'm afraid to even ask,

just want to clear the air? present or past?

one swig of the flask, i'm no better then dead ends,

break your plans and find the words to send,


if i could admit watching ice dancing at Sochi i saw

a girl who closely resembled you enough to drop my jaw,

the smile that i saw threw me back to that time,

when it was much easier to find the urge to rhyme,


worth more then a dime, more golden then her medal,

i refuse to try with you now cause i don't want to mettle,

if i want to settle and you only wish to fling,

keep off my path, you'll be just another line i sing.

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