Always Playing Yet Never Showing

February 2014

You gave me wings and i used them,

if you gave again i'm sure i would again,

treated with care, never did i abuse em,

nor refuse em but you still hurt again,


hard to find my feet with my mind so beat,

gueards up so you can take a backseat,

go on tweet heat, beat the cleats dull,

stuck on one street, one face shatters my skull,


memories screech like seagulls, my emotion is the pier,

amid the backlash it's clear that we're

both on different heights, flying high or running by,

in this storm she stays dry while i'm barely bone dry,


you gave me love and i admit that i used it,

you gave me choices and never could i refuse it,

now you abuse this man without ever even knowing,

your the movie always playing yet never showing.

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