All I Asked

February 2014

Nobody ever made me feel like this one fling,

i can't forget a memory or curse one thing,

but one thing about is is we're buried deep underground,

placed me in my grave and all i asked was don't let me down,


sometimes a tune in June beats a Winter with splinters,

by falling for an emotionally hostage dancer i became a sprinter,

all i asked was don't let me down, i should pay the price

for not telling you i meant more then twice,


never would i hurt her, yet she turned to murder,

i asked for some spoken explanation and she just murmured,

all i wanted was for that smile i gave you to endure,

and for the smile you showed me i had to make it, now i'm not so sure,


so while my pen gently weeps and my heart spills out,

i'll keep my mouth from always wanting to shout,

don't let me down, i'm more then you know,

can't explain the pain my brain doesn't wish to show.

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