Your Love is Redundant

February 2014

Not sure where you went, you left me,

threw me in a dumpster all wrapped up in a hefty

bag then you left me with my cell and one number,

all i need to do is push call with my thumb or


just take the night in the trash reliving my past,

somehow allow all the goodbyes to creep pass

and crash my mind, no time for sane judgement,

your love is redundant since you left me in your dungeon,


two wrongs make how many lefts? no rights,

now tonight i'm stuck staring at snow all night,

i know it was me who once shared such great days,

but i wish you would have fought til your dying days,


now i share some sadness with one address,

no need for an atlas or two years of classes,

i'm at my saddest and happiest, such a strange jazz band,

jamming to blues also know as damned.

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