February 2014

I know i have problems, not hard to see,

and i already know that they all start with me,

yet i still miss she cause she saw something in me,

even though that something always lasts momentarily,


i'm always the one to comfort, never the one to be calmed,

girls seem to constantly be able to palm

my mind and make me forget all my misery,

i know we got our problems but please don't leave,


i can still remember that spot she stood,

when she was dressed in nothing but exactly what she should,

still remember the feeling of being held onto and wanted,

even if it only lasted momentarily, that moment is always tauntin,


i know we have some issues and they all point to me,

i can't seem to fathom the thought of living care free,

or thought free, she caught me then just let me go,

hold onto me in my memories, please don't ever go.

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