Take That Chance

February 2014

A sober night by my nightly drunk standards,

inside my own mind instead of out getting hammered,

snuck into two movies and watched em whole,

cause i can't take another night as a lonely soul,


sure i'm happy to know that she's out smiling,

on the other hand i'm dying cause i'm busy filing

through the memories of us that one Summer, night buster,

keep my hand from dialing her, c'mon man, fuck her,


who cares that with this there may be business,

that's classified as highly unfinished, what is this?

a time to still hold on or actually surprise all,

instead of taking your shot quickly pass the ball,


despite all the fight each and every single night,

i won't be ight til i strike out or take flight,

cause just dropping my hands, lowering my bat past my pants,

just doesn't make sense to me, take that chance.

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