I'm More Then You Know

February 2014

Suddenly the dense fog breaks apart, no more weepin,

realize i no longer want the heart you broke, you can keep it,

you just might need one since i finally see,

all the thought of flaws i push aside are my hearts decree,


just let it be, who needs that me? clearly not she,

i'm more then she knows though, only i believe

though, and it's getting harder to convince myself every day,

that i'm okay, it'll be okay, just another frozen day,


sure i'm too quiet and my actions may speak little,

doesn't mean i'm an impossible to solve riddle,

why not just give up? the truth is soon,

i'll find another girl who can make me swoon,


nothing like a foggy lie out under a cloudy sky,

one day i'll give her up, until then why try?

but... why die inside every time i start to think?

cause that's when i think of her and conquer the sink.

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