From Across The Bar

February 2014

Does keeping this secret really mean enough

to me that i'd be willing to give up on true love?

or is it again all me that planted a thought,

fell down off tree tops and in a web i'm caught,


web of secrets i only keep if i can take it,

watch that sun rise with some good byes you can't fake if

you can't just let go of a conversation,

stuck like she took me out again, her mans frustration,


why care though? don't know how to go slow,

steady driving with a heavy foot in the snow,

with the hopes of becoming the accident, not the passerby

looking on with such a bored curious eye,


not my type but what's a type? attraction?

why can't i make any gutsy moves? stuck actin

like i'm fine when lonely has long ago ruined this mind,

once full of such hope, now find it hard to stay kind.

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