Take Me Back To Those Few Nights

February 2014

You used to be the girl that had this puzzle complete,

until you stole piece by piece and turned em to ask at your feet,

pretty little liar had me hooked for more years

then this weakened soul has fears.


You used to be the girl i figured would save me from

the outcome of your neighbor, how could i behave so dumb?

used to burn me on many corners with just your lips,

such a fire in your eyes and right grip on your hips.


You used to leave a trail of defense mechanisms in your stride,

in my arms we'd just lay all night while you tried to hide,

once a close feeling now a lost trophy from my mantle,

never forget your last words, i couldn't handle.


You used to see this future and pray that she,

could ever once miss enough to jump back into a we,

passionately dancing, feet kicking through the air,

you used to be the girl i couldn't help but stop and stare.

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