Drunk City Love

January 2014

For that one drunk night i was a lyric stuck in your head,

and for all these years you've been a love inside my head,

instead of letting the love encase us we seperate further,

maybe i keep pushing away cause i fear i'd hurt her,


besides my mom, eileen and nonnie i have never,

thought of a woman and let the love sever,

any possibility of really being in a group we call dating,

i only choose to let any small chance slip away, frustrating,


cause i'm afraid that if i text you  and say,

that i haven't been fully healthy since that day,

we had people yelling at us in the dog park not missing

one second we were across the street vigorously kissing,


pardon me if i may seem too open, it's the platinum

talking and erasing any doubt of "i had it then",

maybe, then again, i am a sorry excuse for a writer,

my hands constantly shaking to the words making me pull an all nighter.

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