Four or Five, Give or Take

January 2014

Man it's been a long night, only eleven?

you got to be kidding, keep my head in

the reality, stay out of memories that crack,

unable to remove my wasted years from memorized facts,


it all attacks, i'm dreaming constantly of one long look,

i wake up and feel like a drained pen, out of a book,

yet that one long look we always shared is stalking,

it's no surprise, we've never been great at talking,


why is walking still a visible option to me now?

we mean nothing in reality, yet somehow

in my mind there are few who last a year, let along four,

might be more, lost time in my memories so i'm not wholly sure,


all such confusion, it's at least something written,

out in the open of my book of rhymes, not hidden,

here i can safely say i love the only girl i've kissed on new years,

in the last four or five years.

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