Under The Influence of Corners & Whiskey

January 2014

This distance is the exact cause of mistakes,

constantly leaving when all you needed was a rake,

without knowing what's at stake i road around,

until the speed was taking me toward this sound,


the nights that we kissed, felt some funk,

mistake was that we were both drunk,

but hidden sober truths come out strong under

the influence of corners and whiskey, mind thunder,


it's all i've replayed, over every other,

second only to the strength of my mother and other brother,

not sure anymore how to keep denying the truth,

i still feel business is unfinished with you,


there's this pulling of ropes that keeps making sure

i see you everywhere when i work, no cure,

not whiskey, or smoking, or rum, not even wine,

guess i'll admit that there is still something left, but it's fine.

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