January 2014

All along i was searching for the one behind the curtain,

i was certain she was the one to finally stop the hurtin,

now i'm workin on a way out of that situation,

cause she surely deserves much better, no sensation


in just sayin nothin then writin of the love,

hear me out, it was decent yay news, still wasn't enough,

but was much too much for my hope, just tempt me,

the bar has long been full, once was left empty,


then it left me with a bad taste in the back of my heart,

not really sure how to feel about her, which part

do we stop and realize we'll never know until a try,

has been comprised between us, just let it slowly die,


round and round we go, years on years yet still,

i would run to you in any minute of need, still

i will just write out all i'd do if i knew you felt something,

i'm determined to do how you feel, nothing.

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