Quiet Thy Cell

January 2014

Just hold that text off until never,

not a reasonable answer? then hold off til forever,

it's all for the better, just you and you only,

who needs a better half to not feel so lonely,


love doesn't mean zilch unless it's a war,

buy a beat up old ford and turn it into a new car,

how far one car could go with nothing but hope,

nickname it sniper, for it's distance and scope,


it's been years and years yet still i feel

that new years 23rd street girl might be real,

i'd rather a roach, cause that i could approach,

stomp it out while my coach yells "keep that going" most


then a frosty prosty on her back enjoying it,

i can't help sidetracking, it's annoying if

i don't at least try to not think about her one second,

hold that text for a while, stifle that mention.

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