Should Have But Now Could

January 2014

Another year another dollar, don't fuck whores,

no more fear of scholars, i make much more,

but what's money for anyway but to spend it

on others who stand by your side and defend it,


sure i've been offended, sure i've had heart breaks,

but the true mistakes are the women i tried to take

for granted, but granted they never thought of me,

when all i ever did was waste a thought or two on she,


no more wasting or pasting, copying or cutting,

kissing is dismissing and i'm bugging wiith hugging,

it's not a thug thing, i love that my time

is either spent thinking of her or writing her in a rhyme,


was silent with my pen for some time, now it creeps up,

lets its heart overpower its mouth to speak up,

and say that this day of duos being single at once,

just may be the last hope needed to defeat these hunts.

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