Where, When or Even If

January 2014

Is this all some sick illussion i made up in my mind?

cause just getting by is too hard to try,

or is it the real deal contract contained unsigned love?

you should know just your smile to me is enough,


always will and always has been, yeah so?

i have the same feelings i had for her befo,

want mo? i'll try my best to go slow,

you're the girl i've loved since our corner kiss in the cold,


i am not sure where or when, or even if,

the image of us is a reality, not a constructed gif,

from the flaws to the many times you've dropped my jaw,

i've held you in dreams and woke up feeling raw,


got out of bed feeling empty, don't tempt me,

i might just try to be a little extra friendly,

and i'll end these silly hook ups that mean nothing,

for the one girl who could turn my dreams into something.

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