For One Night It's All Good

December 2013

How many girls have to fill the spot that,

you slept in and laid in, how can anyone top that?

i'm rockin my top hat and phoney ass suit,

cause i reached for the stars and only felt the roof,


so now i'm gonna act a little unlike myself,

no, that doesn't mean i'll finally accept your help,

from off my shelf you arise into the eyes of memories,

until those memories replay enough to create some enemies,


hard to see the reason or rhyme to writing,

it'll all be the same, why not light and

write some night song that somehow fixes it all,

for one more night it's all good, then i fall,


still i won't call, or even try to say,

the version with less y's then her heyyy,

cause the way i was treated left me in a gutter,

and i'll never pause my heart to let my brain stutter.

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