When Lonely Meets Love

November 2013

Although i was swept up by your looks,

i knew you print fine like mass produced books,

i knew before i should have kept away from the likes of you,

but when lonely meets love, what else can lonely do?


The more days that pass, the less i sleep,

the less i think of me and more of she,

felt defeat but never before like this creep,

left to fend for myself, why waste time trying to sleep?


Hard to really explain it all in one poem,

which is why i try my best to write and keep goin,

without once knowin the true jen i fell wrong,

saw her fine print and heard her pretty song,


all along though it was Italy bound, you bullshittin me,

tellin me how it'll be great then kiddin me,

your silence was hittin me, now i try,

to recognize your face and just try to hide.

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