The Living Underdog

November 2013

Not really sure how i should say

that the day you left, left me some type of way,

the sway of the waves now choose my destination,

the memories that constantly replay cause all my agin',


like i was asian, sorry but they don't age well,

turn into old people quickly licking to turn the page well,

thought i had it all, what's more?

i'm the living underdog, call me Peter LaFleur,


settle the score? i'm trying, you're smiling,

you're a tricky bore, am i lying or wyling?

though wild i am, liar i'm not,

guilty of always giving it all i've got,


rejected a lot, but it's not me to give up,

now i find it harder to just live up

to the expectations i had for myself when younger,

once i've eaten, it's hard to still feel hunger.

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