Still Haven't Forgotten The Cotton

November 2013

Bite your lip to make sure this is real,

ignite or light it, which ever makes you feel

more stable and able to conquer the norm,

grab hold of the wheel and steer clear of this storm,


yet with slouched over form it's hard to be,

set with regrets and a drepressed personality,

there is nobody that i'd rather hold,

don't go MIA and return to this cold,


party cause hardly life will ever seem,

exactly what facts see and what appears in a dream,

it's all for those moments now lost and forgotten,

the apple was left out in the open, now rotten,


still haven't forgotten the cotton or shape of her chest,

i remember her smile and try to forget all the rest,

it's best i invest more in myself,

courage and peace can be reached from self help.

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