Can You Feel The Love?

November 2013

Can you feel the love or are you numb?

do you feel the goosebumps too or are you dumb?

think it's cold even when it's middle of Summer,

not quite Harry without Lloyd but still, who's dumber?


wasn't i who made the choice, still wouldn't,

will i have ever been able to leave? still couldn't,

even when i shouldn't i think of you daily,

my mind runs its laps wondering why you can't feel me,


can you feel the love? it was all for you,

never pretended in neverendings, i called for two

minutes to spin it and think things over,

now i can't remember time coming back on, who's sober?


a four leaf clover with two sides ripped off,

am i a saint too? i was long ago tipped off,

yet chose to let love be if love was,

now i'm hating you for asking why i gave up; flaws.

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