Dropped My Heart 100 Stories Up

November 2013

Feels like an earthquake shook up my world,

all alone i still think of this girl,

that once was so close, now a crack seperates,

exactly what i need to ever be great,


i hate to admit it but when it's true, it's true,

how else could i possibly get over you?

tried everything besides sleeping with a rebound,

cause i'm not about hearing fake moaning sounds,


just gotta keep my feet on the ground so when my

heart falls i can reach down and try

to put the pieces back together, now i stay shut,

cause when you dropped my heart it was 100 stories up,


too much of a fatality to clean up after,

now i must leave poems and lean on chapters,

the only laughter of happiness heard was months ago,

if only this ghost girl would appear and show.

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